Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pelosi, Oh, Pelosi! Come On, Guys, Don't Blow This!

Great, just great... I'm talking about the dust-up Nancy Pelosi's caused by sending a letter around the House of Representatives saying that John Murtha's her made man to be House Majority Leader, vice Steny Hoyer, who very much wants that job, and who seems to have the backing of a lot of Dems presently in the House. I say presently, because the new guys, the incoming freshman Congressmen/women are going to have their own thoughts on all of this as well. Which way the new guys will go remains to be seen, but conventional wisdom now has it that Hoyer's got the votes for the job.

The thing is, Pelosi, in my book, appears to be practioner of the very same principles/habits of the Republican/Republican leadership, especially as pertains to corruption (or charges thereof, against Murtha). Regarding Murtha, she seems to value personal loyalty (that of Murtha in support of Pelosi's campaign to be House Minority leader), more than perceptions/allegations that Murtha's engaged in questionable actions benefitting his brother and another guy, and their consulting firms.

Pelosi doesn't seem to realize (or worse not care) that ignoring the views of the majority of her colleagues while dismissing whispers of corruption makes her look a lot like the leaders of the party the Democrats just ousted.

Most Americans voted just now to throw out the Republicans because of two things: Iraq and corruption. Pelosi hasn't said anything about what she plans to do re: Iraq. But she's taken the initiative in showing that she really doesn't take the concept, even the whiff, of corruption seriously.

Well, I've got news for Pelosi: She better listen really closely to people arguing against Murtha's nomination and more, she should heed those arguments. Or she might not be around in two more years....

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