Friday, August 17, 2007

Monthly Post

I call it asi, because, boy, that's what it's become lately, to post. I'm just too busy with my business projects and there's been a certain repetitiveness to political life here in Ecuador.

By repetitiveness, I mean that the barrage of Correa attacks on the press, the banks, the partidocracia and of course, the press, continues unabated, and as I predicted earlier, his popularity ratings have gone down. Only natural, of course. As I commented to a Correa supporter the other day, people tend to get tired of personal attacks, insults, and threats after a while, and people begin to lose sight (or interest, anyway) of the positive potential Correa could - and still does, actually - have for this country.

I read a couple of articles over the last weeks regarding Correa, one analyzing his personality and another analyzing (well, commenting, acutally) his political actions, as opposed to his political rhetoric.

The psychoanalysis comments that there's a possibility that Correa is bipolar (I think this is what used to be known as manic-depressive when I was a kid), to watch him in public, I'd agree with that take. I have noticed that there are times when he speaks and acts in a normal tone of voice, makes reasonable, non-threatening statements and postulates reasonable ideas. Other times, well, as I've said, any emotional intelligence he might have simply flies of the handle, as they say, and he becomes and extremely unpleasant person, and the results are as I mention above.

There's lots more to say regarding Correa's cynical lifting of the "incidental" shark fishing ban, the new banking law, Corrrea's defense of high level military in the Larrea case, and the TSE's professed inability to stop Correa's government from promoting their CA candidates during the Assembly campaign, but I'll address those later...


GringuitaQuiteƱa said...
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GringuitaQuiteƱa said...

I might be (a little) the opposite of you. Ecuadorian living in the States. I have enjoyed reading ur blogs, political opinions and personal affairs. A lot of people has talk about the shark-fishing issue. I read the paper (online) every morning and try to be on top of what is going on in my country. Although I have never really understood politics. I would like to hear (read) your input on the Assembly campaign (so far it looks to me like the same people that wanted to be in Congress is going to the Assembly) why is it different and/or better then?
Also, about the Banking Law (I'm a little lost on that one).
Hope to read you more often!

Tambopaxi said...


Thanks for your kind comments! I wish I could write more often, but I own and run three businesses, and lots of times, frankly, coming home, I just don't feel animado enough to post. On the other hand, comments like yours do motivate me! More to come, I assure you!