Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ah, Man, My Head Hurts

Boy, do I have a headache - and a cold - and a cough. And this is the second time this year. It's been a shit weather year here, with rain, cold, fog, and sometimes hail virtually every day. I should say that I've been here in Quito almost five years and this is absolutely the worst weather season I've seen. Anyway, I'm taking hot lemonade, and pretty quick, at the behest of my girlfriend, my maid is going to make me a combo lemonade, ginger root, and cinnamon (homemade remedies rule here!), which, if it doesn't cure me, will certainly take my mind off the cold. Blah.

I just got through writing my younger daughter an email in response to a craigslist posting she sent me. The gist of the posting was "nice girls" (defined as - I'm summarizing here - girls that don't go down on the first date, girls that try to help screwed up guys, only to be dumped, etc.) almost always finish last because they're well, too nice.

OK, I'm male, so I confess a certain bias on this, but I wrote my daughter to say that not ALL males are self-absorbed, dysfunctional, sex-crazed beings whose only goal is to bed as many women as possible and then leave them.

The most important point I made is that she (my daughter) is a wonderful, intelligent, pretty, engaging, self-secure, and just damn nice person. I told her to rely on her sense of judgement of people, and obviously, their intentions, in dealing with men. I told her that she needs to take care of herself, and try not to get hurt (not guaranteed!), but not at the cost of becoming cynical, burned out, or distrustful of all men; there are some nice people out there, after all..

Well, we'll see how she responds. She's such a great person, and I'm really proud, proud, proud of her. I've inserted a photo of her and some friends (hope it comes out right side up!) That's her in black, third from the left, 18 years of age when this photo was taken a school last Halloween. I'm so lucky that I'm her father!

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